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Soil Testing

The Petrik soil testing system enables diagnosis of chemical limitations in the soil prior to application of fertiliser and biology. More than 60 years experience in the field has lead to the Petrik soil test which presents a simple easy to read graphical depiction of your levels against optimum levels of each essential element for your soil.

The test includes kilograms per hectare recommendations for each element to reach optimum soil conditions. The Petrik system also evaluates and rates ratios between elements. This system support enables growers to provide the optimum chemical conditions for the Petrik biology to operate in. By evaluating and improving the chemical, physical and biological properties of the soil the Petrik system is able to deliver complete nutrition.

soil testing

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Under development... the new, improved soil testing system and report only from Total Grower Services and Petrik. Order your soil test online and receive agronomist recommendations in your Inbox.

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