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Petrik's Digestor contains a range of beneficial soil microbes that work in conjunction with the plant's root system to enhance the availability of soil nutrients. Digestor also contains microbes that convert organic matter through to humus. The range of biology in Digestor has the ability to function in conjunction with both monocot and diacot plant species.

Benefits from using Digestor are:


  • Efficient utilisation of applied materials, in particular phosphorous and nitrogen.
  • Improved soil structure and subsequent microbial activity.
  • Creation of stable humus.

Usage Instructions

Digestor is to be applied to the soil at the rate of 2-5L/ha. Petrik's Green Manure support product should be used at a similar rate for initial support of the applied biology. Digestor will only reach its full potential when the soil chemistry has been evaluated using the Petrik soil test and limitations have been addressed.

All application equipment should be cleaned thoroughly prior to use. If mixing in water containing more than 0.5ppm free chlorine, use Petrik's Biolator at the ration 10:1 Biolator to chlorine. Application over manure, cover crops or compost at the time of light incorporation is ideal. Application at planting or at strategic crop timings is also beneficial.

Application through irrigation is highly effective; pressure should be below 100psi at any point in the system. Digestor can be applied with a spray boom; this should be done in damp conditions or followed by irrigation. Higher water rates (400L/ha+) need to be used in the absence of irrigation to was the product into the soil. In boom sprays the pressure should not exceed 30psi or 2 bar. Filters should be 50 mesh or larger. Application over manure followed by light incorporation is ideal. Application through water injection systems at planting placing the product near the seed is also effective. Aerial application is only recommended in ideal moist application conditions or if followed by incorporation, rain or irrigation within 6 hours. Consult your distributor for more information and allowable times for tank mixes of other products and fertilisers. Petrik's Setbest is recommended as a foliar to maximise nutrient uptake pre-flowering as a follow up to the soil treatment.